The Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel is just that – truly global. Participants at the symposium are high profile global apparel sector actors, both for-profit, NGO, academic and government. The process leading up to, during and after to the symposium and award ceremony is serious and insightful. The award finalists, analysis and discussions truly have the potential to ínfluence the global sustainability agenda in the apparel industry. I was particularly thrilled to participate this year in the discussions about natural capital accounting and sustainable investments. Bravo! 

 Anne-Louise Thon Schur, Head of Sustainability, PwC



 “ The workshops run by the SFA were, as always, pertinent, stimulating and motivational. Time is precious so attending an event for a whole day is a big commitment and it’s striking that so many busy, influential people were willing to give their attention to the workshops. Since returning to the House of Lords and discussing the event with colleagues, I have been thinking about what I learned and, most importantly, what I can do: I now have a plan and look forward to working with SFA on my idea.”

 Baroness Lola Young of Hornsey, House of Lords



“ Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the GLASA process led by Mike and the team at Sustainable Fashion Academy. The topic of natural capital accounting is filled with so much promise but needs opportunities such as the GLASA awards to reward and drive us to the next stage of Industry exposure and understanding. It’s an ambitious goal but until society – and our economic system – rewards companies for actions that build human, ecological as well as financial capital we will remain on this linear path to growth which is completely unsustainable. Well done to the finalists for providing us with so much inspiration on the day! “

 Liesl Truscott, Director Europe & Farm Engagement, Textile Exchange



“ In order to create a sustainable fashion industry we need to work together. Collaboration is key and platforms such as the Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel enables companies, civil society, governments and industries to come together to drive change and innovations forward. “

 Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability, H&M



“ Although we work daily to ensure the Danish Fashion Industry is a world leader in sustainability, we know that our success depends on global collaboration. The Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel provides a critical way for us to engage globally, discussing and promoting best practices, innovative ideas and leaders who are showing us another industry is possible. We are proud to be a partner in this influential, independent initiative. “

Jonas Eder-Hansen, Vice President & Development Director, The Danish Fashion Institute




“ I was delighted to have been able to participate in this year’s Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel. The Award really helped to focus attention around the importance of recognising the natural and social capital upon which the apparel industry is so dependent. The symposium managed to incorporate some of the less known faces of the industry- the investors and the CFO’s and it provoked discussion and encouraged innovation around the best ways of measuring, valuing and protecting the resources on which the industry so critically relies. For me, it was the first time that natural and social capital accounting was the primary focus of the apparel industry’s attention and that was a real achievement. “

 Laura Partridge, Senior Programme Officer,

The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit



“ The GLASA-seminar was truly inspiring. It was educational and a great place to connect with interesting people. It confirmed by belief that there has been a lot of progress within the apparel industry and participants showed willingness to share insights, information and cooperation. The Global Leadership Award is very important highlight and reward those who are able to take the lead. ”

Anette Andersson, Ethical Found Manager, SEB



“ What a fantastic day… The GLASA Award process combines the best of innovative and analytical thinking, passion and action. The award finalists illustrate high potential initiatives that have the potential to really make an impact. GLASA is certainly making a very tangible contribution to the improving the apparel industry’s sustainability performance. “

 Henning Drager, Global Programme Director – Business & Investor Engagement, International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC



“ The 2014 GLASA award process marked the beginning of a stronger dialogue and joint private and public efforts on better accounting for the use of our natural capital. “

Lars Fogh Mortensen, European Environment Agency (EEA)



“ GLASA 2014 Event was great ! an intensive, interesting, passionating and inspiring day for the participants and for the Sustainable Fashion Industry. This kind of events and initiatives are crucial to change the Textile World, working together for a better and more sustainable future. Every idea, every details, every step count and all together we can succeed to show that “Changes” are necessary but mainly that there are possible. Special thanks to the GLASA team for their enthusiasm, facilitator and rewarding role! “

 Bruno Van Steenberghe, Stanley&Stella



 (Citat Dorothy Maxwell)


“ GLASA is about the acceleration of content and networks that are the fundamental building blocks of the future of our industry.  By bringing together highly diverse and competent participants from across the industry and focusing energy on core issues with high profile and collaborative outcomes, they are helping us move closer not just to a more sustainable fashion industry, but to a more balanced economy.  They also throw one hell of a party! “

 Ben Ramsden, Founder and MD, Pants to Poverty


“ With its complex, resource intensive supply chains and acute brand exposure the apparel sector is uniquely well positioned to exploit the opportunities that are available from adopting and communicating more sustainable business practices.  However, to drive such transformation on a wide scale it is essential that constructive dialogue is facilitated and best practice examples are championed amongst the sector’s key stakeholders.  The GLASA award succeeds in doing both and, crucially, has secured meaningful commitments from several of the organisations with which it has engaged. “

Tom Barnett, Account Director, Trucost